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So I know Martin from sometime back but I don't want any of you to think this post is because of it. Martin was my favorite "Male Designer of the year 2017"

 1. Did ya'll see the architecture in his design?
Ok, all jokes aside, I'm not saying that other designers had less architecture but some had pretty basic staff for the biggest East & Central African fashion show, are you kidding me?
This is my favorite piece... on one of my favorite models and I am proud to say that Muuh... I found you at M/moja, crossing the road with your dad and immediately i saw your future as a model. Not that I'm taking all the credit or anything but I am very happy that I discovered a talent and better yet I trained that talent. Shout out to #NAMA real quick!!!
Back to Martin, ya'll see the detail on that shirt? the draping? yep, definitely my "fave" male piece of the night! SFW #031217
Mwarami #Muuh_Mimi_More in Gadabout SFW 2017

2. Now I know Ya'll can see that fabric.
 My dear my dear... I love prints... but most of all I like that type of newspaper print. I would wear that fabric in anything even in an underwear. The design mixed with the print is to DIE FOR!!! and most importantly, Martin, You have a car! But I love how umewaza wasiokua na magari.. That fabric is just perfect for Tanzanian weather yo... I want one in Kimono my darling 💋

Mike Deo in Gadabout #SFW  2017

George Charles (Geetyga) Monarch Collection 2016

3.  I know Martin has been around for sometime... but hey please compare and contrast between his last year's "Avant-garde-ish" yet elegant collection "MONARCH"

With this year's "GADABOUT"
Not that all pieces from the "MONARCH" collection were avant-garde some were pretty elegant all the way to the master piece which was a pretty beautiful wedding dress, but the presentation alone fits the description..
SFW 2016 #Monarch collection by Martin Kadinda

Chady Black in Monarch 2016.

 Now bring up the "GADABOUT" , haya, kwa mimi niliyesoma St. Kayumba , I had to look it up and it means " a habitual pleasure-seeker" ok, its the first thing that pops up when you google it.

Lebron in Gadabout collection 2017

Thom Nguka in Gadabout 2017

 Yes he has a signature ( I would call it Elegance) but being in the business long enough never gave him a reason to disappoint #fashionstalkers like me....

All in all what I can say is, Martin, you don't need no awards to prove your worthy. Everything you have earned is because of your talent and the person that you are. And we so need more of YOU's with the vision, thirst and the drive to get back up whenever your down in the fashion industry in Tanzania and I bet, Africa is proud to have won you for a "Fashion Jewel of Africa Award"