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Written by: Tommy
Edited by: The Style Department

The makeup industry is no doubt one of the biggest industries of our times. With lots of new products for new purposes all the way from covering acne to enhancing youth. Millions of brands out there release lots of these beauty products daily! and we are happy about that yes! of course...well... let's just say the demand is big! Everybody wants to buy make-up okay!!?

Makeup is part of almost every girl and guy's daily routine, whether its a mere mascara or a jelly. Whether you are going to school or chilling out with friends, maybe visit some relatives or going to a party, you want your skin glowing and eyes popping wherever you go. But you have to be insanely careful from where you are getting your make up supplies from... 

Now that we are all at the disposal of the glorious internet and online stores that we all love because they just make our lives a whole lot better. Makeup is the last thing to buy there and here are three reasons why you should skip that cheap makeup ad.

1. Let's be honest everything about online-shopping looks amazing but as soon as you get what you ordered you are not always happy about yourself and the decisions you have been making lately! Especially talking about makeup, this is not just some shirt you regret buying and can send back! you are literally putting the product on your face and you never know how it will reflect on your skin and what kind of damage it can actually do. You have to be 100% sure of the quality of the make up product and with online- shopping this can never happen.

2. Ever wondered why there are dressing rooms in the boutiques? or better yet! why there are mirrors all over makeup and drug store? people need to be sure whether they actually want to buy the item or not. The way it looks when they try it on, whether it fits them and etc. Same goes about makeup. Yeah, the colour of the lipstick you are ordering is pretty cool and you love it but you never know if you are gonna look your utmost best or a complete mess. Different types of makeup look good on different types of people. So you might want to be sure about it before you give away your money and volunteer for a guinea pig program. 

3. You know that feeling when you are online- shopping and you see something that really catches your interest and you tell yourself that you need to get this, I mean, you see that the price is extremely low so you are ordering it immediately because you don't want to miss that window? You don't need to answer me, I know you do. The thing is that a lot of people are ordering the so-called “replicas” of some expensive product made by some big name in the make up industry because they are cheaper. 

The product is pretty amazing, new and original, its tested and its qualifications are quite good. But “replicas” are the not-so-good copy of the brand. And by not-so-good I mean REALLY- NOT- GOOD. A lot of people seriously regret ordering the replica because of the big damages it can actually do to your skin, it's not tested the right way( if it's even tested ) and most of the time these underground replica brands do not even use the correct ingredients for the creation.The allergic reaction can be pretty serious, unbearable and even irreversible. You have to be really careful about the brand makeup product you are ordering because through online you never know what are you actually getting.

Our best advice to you! if you must buy online, purchase all products from the original store, you are most likely to be pleased and safe with your choice.