How To Make Your Closet Stand Out With these CLOSET ESSENTIALS (ladies)

January 17, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Have you ever noticed how there are some items in your closet that you perhaps overuse because they seem to go with anything? or if you had to throw a quick look you will most likely use one of those items? for me, those are what I call closet essentials.
Let me guess, one of them might be because of colour? black, white, grey, nude? others might be a jacket or blazer that you throw on top of everything you cook up?
The truth is most of the times we don't even know it but most likely those are part of our list of closet essentials that everybody must-have.

1. Neutrals

Yes, we are starting with colour because the colour is everything!

These include black, grey, white, nude, army green and even browns and can basically go and work with anything. These colours are super easy to pair up so when in doubt... pull off an all-neutral look.

2. T-shirts

Everybody looks good in a t-shirt. So for starts to bring your closet together you don't just need any kind of t-shirts but remember the neutral colours? yes, those... you need them in those colours.

There is just something about t-shirts that help bring a look together without spending so much time and can work with anything.
Get different types of t-shirts, all the way from fitted to loose to graphic T-shirts and make sure they are in the same neutral colour ocean.

3. Chiffon Tops

Well, most people call these chiffon tops but to my knowledge, that's not the actual name. These are the non-t-shirt material tops that most people wear to work or some call them tailored shirts and well you get the point...

You need these tops once again in neutrals and there you have a base you can pair with anything. Get all sorts of these tops, long sleeves, short sleeves, off-shoulders, peplums you name it but keep it in the colour scheme.

4. Denim Pants: Mom Jeans, Skinny Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans oh my!

Well you didn't think we were going to leave these out, did you? where would the world be without jeans? 
There is a difference between mom and boyfriend jeans but that is an article for another day all you should know now is we need these jeans so badly.

The best way to get most jeans once again is to get all sorts of the categories, get ripped jeans and non-ripped jeans, get graphic jeans so long as they fit the descriptions... we are safe

Your closet must be shining by now and guess what? you don't even need anything else but because this is the style department... we will keep the list going.

5. Shoe: Patterns, Graphics & Neutrals

Yes, we want neutral colours of course but getting a few patterns in there would actually boost up the overall look of our closet. Get some cheetah, some shinny blacks with red bottoms? Get some good Nikeys with graphics or you can even get them customized, there are different artists that offer shoe painting services.

The types of shoes you need should be sandals, rubbers, boots, heels and all have to be within our neutrals.

6. Hats

Every lady needs a hat, it just adds that "I'm not your average girl" type of vibe to your outfit.

Girl...you need a round hat, it could be a fedora or any and a beret is a sure thing to add.

7. Bags

I never quite understood ladies that never carry these around, I mean I get it you put your money in your jean pocket and your phone as well (rolling my eyes) but ladies where do you put all the girly things you need? for starts its a sin for a lady to go out without her emergency kit (tampon/ pad, lipgloss/lipstick/mirror etc) you need a wallet for that money babes and you just need a bag so...

  • You need a backpack (just the modern small cute backpacks)
  • You need a mini bag in case you are the type that puts everything in the jean cause you just cany deal
  • You need a certified handbag girl...
8. Jackets (Leather and/or Denim)

You would be surprised at how these pieces will come to your rescue especially when you have to do any sort of layering, make sure you have a jacket and not a shirt of the materials.

9. Kimono x Blazer

I dare add this in the list because I understand just how much the sun can be brutal sometimes, you want to layer up but its too hot for a denim jacket? a kimono can be your BFF that fast whereas if you want to go for a bit classy or formal look a good ol' blazer will do the trick

10. Accessories

The most basic must-have accessories are glasses, watches a good variation of earrings (stud and statement) and a classy variation of the necklace (simple and statement)

11. Little Black Dress (LBD)

We all need a cute dress to show off in so what better colour than black? besides, it goes with anything and you can play with anything in your closet to add on to get a new look on it.