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how to develope your own personal style

They say fashion fades but style is eternal, actually, that was Yves Saint Laurent. Ever wondered why so? Most of us jump in towards the first new fashion trend, we buy what we see is trending but in the end, does your personal style approve? Yes! Personal Style because that's your identity... Most of the time we tend to look up different celebrities and influencer to see what they have going on in their lookbook and we mimic what they have displayed but that can either work for or against you.

How can the style work against you?

Ever had a moment of mimicking a look but realizing it doesn't really work for you? perhaps you aren't as comfortable with it? or you don't look as good as the source? most likely it just isn't your style. You also need to consider that most of the times the influencers have professional photography posted, meaning what appears on the post may not be as good in reality, so don't be so hard on yourself.
You also have to consider the body types, materials, quality and so much more but most importantly does it showcase you?

So the big question is, how can you really develop a style and say it's who you are?

1. Observe your body type

Like I said previously, everyone has a different body shape, some are pears some are apples, some are hourglass and all of this may affect how an outfit looks on you.

If you are a girl and want to look sexy so you mimic a look that shows cleavage but you aren't really rich around that area, consider showing off your legs instead and vice-versa is true.

If you are a guy and you really like the whole slimfit ideology that most guys go full skinny on the shirt to the pants but you feel your "too skinny" may not really fit the look, consider always wearing something on top of the skinny t-shirt like a denim jacket and slim jeans

Some body types don't look good with some items but it's not to say you shouldn't try to wear it, you need to look for a way to make it work for your body type.

2. Experiment

Looking for inspiration is truly a good way to start but you still need to experiment with what you have been inspired in, bring in that look you saw Jojo do, with the look you saw Beyonce do and see which one better defines you and makes you more comfortable. You could still find a style icon that is closest to what your style is. Keep in mind it's all about what makes you comfortable and says who you are without speaking.

3. Start with the closet basics

These are essential closet items everyone needs to have. Check out our post about this

How To Make Your Closet Stand Out With these CLOSET ESSENTIALS (ladies)

These essentials will be the light of your journey to find your personal style. In due time you will start noticing that you prefer certain ways of wearing something and it all starts there.

4. Listen to yourself

We all have those pieces that make us stop and take a second look at them, start listening to that because that is the spirit of your personal style trying to reach you. Try to understand what items make you dream about them or make you slice a part of your rent money to buy them then start experimenting with them. Think of items that make you happy when you think about fashion, is it the shoes, accessories, dresses etc
I personally have a thing for patterns, my eyes just glow up and I just can't help myself.

5. Inspect your closet

Start by cleaning out your closet, check for items that you wouldn't give away even if it had to be to your favourite cousin and look for items that you wouldn't think twice before giving them away. The ones you choose to keep are most likely your personal style essentials. Don't be stingy, be realistic I mean at one point we like everything in our closet which is why they are in it but just evaluate. Besides, it's not like you are really giving them away.

Finding one's personal style is not easy, it is tricky and sometimes copying is so much easier but once you have that out of the way, everyone is going to be asking you where you buy your items or if you could style them for a change.

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