Here Is Why You Need To Add Tortoiseshell To Your Must Haves

August 09, 2019 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Just like Leopard and Snake print, Tortoiseshell is just as special and unique. A lot of world leading brands have been in the market for quite sometime into this print however, sales in the tortoiseshell seems to have been increasing since the beginning of this year 2019 and have only been shooting higher and higher as summer keeps rolling in.


I guess it's safe to say the print is shooting for the moon and has no plans of missing.

Despite the print being around for sometime, it is not as famous as leopard print and many others which is why a lot of people especially around Tanzania keep questioning why they should add it in their must haves or worse, some cannot tell the difference, print is just print for them.

Img: Zara

But Here Is Why You Need An Add In Your List

1. Very few people have it

If you are living in Tanzania, a lot of people don't really know if this print even exists. You being one of the people with the power to spread and educate fashion item to others is a huge fashionable honor. Take it! don't wait for it to over spread and you aren't so special anymore.

2. It's a whole different taste

Every print is special and different in it's own way, having this new baby will give you a perfect excuse to re-style your wardrobe. Trust us! you will thank us later

3. Because you are a fashionista 

Unless you are a trend setter on your own and don't take rules nor trends from anyone, then you are safe to hit the skip button. But if you are an addict to trend following, then this has to go down in the history book for you too

4. They aren't as expensive as you paint them to be

I know what you are thinking! "Do you know how much it will cost me?" but brands like Zara and Top shop are specifically designed to accommodate a lot of people. Their prices are very just and fair.
Yes you can hit Aliexpress and order but it will cost almost the same except having an original is a big probability. Simply go into store website and directly order from them. It will be original and you will see that it isn't pricey at all!


We hope we managed to convince you to at least look up the trend and start imagining them with your favorite pieces in your closets.