Kylie Jenner Launches Her New Collection On Her Birthday

August 11, 2019 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Kylie is not just part of a loving soul we all see on Tv with life of Kylie but she is a mogul as far as that dollar is concerned. With her make up line, she has managed to put all ladies on their toes waiting for the great new invention and this year 10/8 she has given us another set of amazing items to look forward to.

Not only did she launch the new collection, she was celebrating her 22nd birthday and what better way of putting it out there than releasing a new “birthday edition” eyeshadow pallet?

Kylie Jenner proceeded to slam more beauty and awesomeness by dropping other items like “kyliner” and gloss

Kylie is not just another hustler with incredible fashion taste,
She is an inspiration to any little and grown girl and boy to always go for your dreams despite what you may be born into or not.

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