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I was going to do two separate articles for this but then the more I kept writing the more I figured most of what I had to say were very similar so... here goes two sides of the same coin.

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Its true that girls are very weird yes amazing creatures and sometimes it is almost impossible to understand they say, I will tell you this though, I am a girl and the trick is in the actions.
Ain't nobody going to be mentioning dolls every time if she don't mean get me a damn doll, and it better be big too. Okay I am not saying to give us what we want but I am saying it is not as hard as you think it is to please your/a girl.
First thing you need to know in this article is that YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT FOR VALENTINES TO GIVE HER A GIFT.

Hold that thought, this article is not to defend women right so let's take it to the men...

Nothing beats the look on his face when you pull out a wrapped box (YES, WRAP THE PRESENT PUT IT IN A BOX, it makes it look classy and like you spent forever on it) and give him something, unless he is not the right one for you it doesn't matter if you wrap up a dead lizard or a smart watch he will love it anyway... Here is the top ten best gifts you can give him this Valentine. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR VALENTINES TO SURPRISE HIM..

The secret in selecting any gift is to make sure that the person you are giving it to can not get it on their own or at least does not expect to get it. A good example is buying your girl make up, if it is a random make up or make up brand then DO NOT DO IT, Why you ask? BECAUSE SHE HAS MAKE UP AND PROBABLY CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. (Don't get a silly pair or earring too fro Mwenge) Unless you get her a special edition, okay! let me clear that up... make up brands have collections, like how Kylie lipsticks released different editions like the birthday edition, holiday edition even a valentine edition. The edition should be almost impossible for her to obtain like buying your Tanzanian girlfriend Fenty Beauty products, given that they are either expensive or impossible to get, you would need to order. Still I would not suggest you be very careful with that as a present. you could make it an ordinary day present. You don't need a special occasion to gift someone you love.

Now we have cleared the air, LET'S BEGIN OUR TOP THREE GIFT LIST HER/HIM

  1.  Inscripted rings. 
Get her a ring with her/his name on it, or with a message from you. Try the Michaelson line "always and forever" (YEAH! I am a die hard Originals fan... #JOMO #Klaus) or something sweet and romantic. Even better surprise her/him with couple rings. You don't need to order on line, well especially because you are practically out of time, you can go to a jeweler sculptor (Sonara) and this can be done for you.

       2.  Customized Mugs.
Okay this is not entirely terrible, it is even sweeter that it is cheaper (Just go to any big photography and printing store, they print mugs) I would suggest printing because then you can write anything you want on them. Or even better you can get special markers you can use to write on the mugs yourself.
You can visit sites like Pinterest for some Ideas.

Ok, I am sorry for over posting mugs... They were cute and I just couldn't decide. 🙈

3. Personalized gift books.
I recently came across this and I thought it was pretty awesome. Okay, maybe you won't be able to order it this valentines but you could still get it for a post valentines gift.

3. Travel
Yes, I know what your thinking, Travel? say what? okay, I do not mean travel across the country whatsoever but you will be surprised how many places just a bit far from town you can actually visit. It could be a like a get away.
One thing to consider also is that Wednesday is a weekday and it is a terrible day to pull this off unless you are not working/ schooling or you are a damn good liar to convince people you will be sick from Wednesday throughout the week. SO I suggest if you are neither you cold always make the plans for the weekend.

For example if you are in Dar es salaam you could go to Bagamoyo, book a sweet motel or if you are under budget you could always do the hostels "They are not bad"
You can also do Bongoyo Island, or Mbudya iy you under budget but heads up!! carry your own music, drinks and snacks.
And why not Morogoro? even Mikumi? it is so much cheaper for Tanzanian citizens especially if you students, I mean if you can afford then why go to dinner everyday? If you arent in Dar then You can always visit the areas near you.

4. Treat her/ him
 You should know the concept of treating him/her is very different with the gender. For her, you could give her a good spa treatment and you could go watch the game with him. Spend some quality time. You can just go to a bar and watch the game together.
Yes spa can be a bit costly but you don't have to take her to the double tree Spa. There are so many local Spa centers. If that is not enough, treat your girl to a homemade spa treatment.
Here is what I mean, invite her to your place or where ever you can get privacy, get a few scented candles with hot oil and as soon as she walks in.... Get into character, you aren't her guy no more, you her masseuse. (Things could get better after all 😏)

5. Cross activities.
Do things like watching football with him or playing video game with him... (My boyfriend goes crazy when I play Fifa with him...of course, cause I always loose.) but take her and wait for her at the saloon, go shopping with her especially if she goes to local markets (Kusagula Mwenge, Karume, K/koo or anywhere else for that matter)
Make some time for each other, especially if you hardly do it. Don't spend time complaining about him wanting to watch UEFA when you could go with, I know, you will probably not understand anything but it will mean something to him.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you loved it.


With love,