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Dear readers, Valentines came early...
I decided to create a special Valentines edition with different articles inside it just in case you get the "little lazy bug" to scroll to different pages. All Valentines article are here....
 I hope you will love it and find it useful.

Consider this my gift from me to you...


It's kind of a funny story actually, I knew Nyangoub through a friend who worked in my modeling agency. I desperately needed someone to fill in the "stylist" position in my agency, I needed a sharp and edgy person who does not think about today rather five years from now. 
I loved Nyangoub cause she felt like my little flower, wait did i say loved? I mean, I love her cause I was right about her. 
She had so much innocence yet rawness that was only waiting for the right opportunity to shine. Honestly speaking, she was my most loyal colleagues in my agency.

Me being miles away and unable to actually attend her "exhibition" in the "Lady in Red" fashion that was held on the 10th/02/2018 the least I could do was give her this platform.  

So, who is Nyangoub?


"The Red Wardrobe" does not mean that the paint of your closet or the clothes in the wardrobe are red, it simply means VALENTINE SEASON is here, which could only mean the love times are here and the couples are getting heated up. Everyone is getting everyone something special, making plans of where to go and what to do to make it memorable and some are just hoping Netflix and sweat pants will do the trick.
Sometimes we think we have to dress to impress, while some just think.."Whatever!" but here is the thing, love or no love, everyone deserves some sweet self love and that is why when i think about Valentines day, I think about three different people with different emotions..with very different hopes for this Valentine season.

 can we please talk about the make up? yes my make up artist is on point, but I am sorry you have to read the next article for that.


I hate to admit it but there is truth to the saying "girls care more about Valentines day than boys do". Of course it is not fully true but some what true.
We girls have a way for trying to make things special from little things that are meant to to impress... Make up being a girl's best friend is included in the "little things to make it special" list.
Like any best friend, your relationship has ups an downs and sometimes serious fights, sometimes its the eyebrow you can\t perfect and sometimes it is exactly what kind of make up are you doing?
Most people do not even understand that there are different make ups for different occassions and show up with a Gothic make up on a wedding...(are you starting to get the picture now?)
For this Valentine, I ask you for only one present and that is #NAILTHATMAKEUP

Dear Ophelia

So you don't like the drama, you don't want to stress about what to wear and what make up to do or even better, you don't want to stress about where to take who? 
I thought so. Here is an article from one of my good friend and colleague at the "Open Space Foundation" here in Bulgaria (that also happened to be my stylist in my previous shoot for "The Red Wardrobe"  
Hope you enjoy the article...

Dear Ophelia
Or the evil things we do (to ourselves) for love
             by Angela Maddalena

 by Angela Maddalena



I was going to do two separate articles for this but then the more I kept writing the more I figured most of what I had to say were very similar so... here goes two sides of the same coin.

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