Here is my BTS playlist… hate me if you want!

May 20, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments


Anybody that knows me knows I am absolutely bananas over #bts and although i do not speak Korean (I am learning) it is very fascinating to me that I feel so relaxed, hyped and intrigued about their music.

yes they are my screen saver/wallpaper

#bts for me can switch my mood back up any day of the week and even though my friends think I need therapy and rehab over them I think I need to see more BTS.
I am seriously learning Korean so I guess that is a good impact on me.

The only other artist that ever made me feel so connected to my soul through their music is
Michael Jackson, everyone else was just a crush but I have to say. BTS got me good especially because I don't understand what they are singing until I google the English lyrics.

Here are my all-time top 10 and just to be clear I love all BTS songs, I honestly cannot rank them, but these are always on my playlist so here goes, I hope you will enjoy them too:

1. Blood, Sweat & Tears 

Oh my God, I canttttttt..... this song goes straight to my core not to mention their dance choreography.
They make everyone want to form a band.

Check it out...

2. I Need U 

I think this is just my jam. This son is just...
You feel a bit down and need to connect? this is your jam.

Ok... you like? watch this rehearsal...

3. Fake Love

Love you so bad... love you so bad...

4. Idol

If you are a party freak like me... you will enjoy this jam! I love it because there is no bad mood that it won't turn up for me.

5. DNA 😻

The first thing you hear are the fans chanting BTS's original names so... you know in case you were wondering.

6. Don't Leave Me

I honestly dream to make a cover of this song... i just love it.

7. ON

Rain keep pouring, Sky keep falling everyday oh na na na ...

8. Save Me

Well.... Bts saves me.
I don't wanna be lonely, I just wanna be yours....

9. Go Go

Yolo... yolo...yolo...yo where my money at?

10. Fire

Then Suga says....."bultaoleune"... and I drop!

Bonus Track: 

11.  Best Of Me

I hope I managed to convert you into an #ARMY or at least managed to give you something you would love to listen to and lift up your spirit because it does to me. #loveyourself

~part II of this article coming soon...