Are You A 90's/ 80's Baby? Then You Must Miss These Musical Items

May 22, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Although I was born in the '90s I know and I am grateful for the 1980s because that was the time that technological sciences broke to households and I am happy about that.
I remember a lot of musical devices and tech in my home as I was growing up and I wish I could go back to that time when using these devices was completely normal.

Not to say that all of them were invented in the '80s or '90 but this was a colourful and bubbly time when people actually communicated with humans and not talking people in the black boxes we carry around.


1. Record Player

Growing up, my father was a very busy man. He was always travelling, my sisters had joined boarding school so they were almost never at home, my mother would always be working on her businesses, us or visiting my sisters and my oldest sister was always out and about also running her business. Basically, it was just me and my older sister Lisa who is 4 years apart from me so we were technically stuck with each other but the one memory I would never erase was the Christmasses, everyone would be home and my dad would always play some good Osibisa music on the record player and this just became an essential part of every celebration.

(In case you do not know Osibisa check this out)

You can still get a good record player but... well let's just say the more evolved the more different they become.
So 2 years ago I bought my dad a more modern record player, it came with a case... no stand as the old ones but it came with a USB spot and also connects to Bluetooth so I guess it is better in a way but nothing really beats vintage.

2. Walk Man

My older sister Lisa got this for her birthday and I remember waiting for her to fall asleep so I could just grab and use it too. I loved flipping the cassettes, side A and side B because they stop once they got to the end now who remembers doing that?
You can't get that in an MP3 and in a way, they were just special.
Did you know that a lot of people started walking with the portable music device which now we jog with only our Bluetooth EarPods?
Interesting how little things started right?

3. Disk Man,

 I always saw this as an older sibling to walkmans

Just like the Walkman, you had to flip the CD from side A to B. Okay this article is making me feel very old... but I like vintage so it is totally worth it.

4. Old School Headphones

These things were #huge I remember my father going around in them and I used to think they were so cool. Somehow the thought of not seeing who is next to me made me happy... what? I was a weird kid!
Of course, we still have headphones in #2020 but the materials are very different, as much as they have evolved to become better, a little vintage doesn't hurt anybody.

5. Cassettes

Who remembers how we used to mark/ sign our cassettes so you know what type of music is in which cassette?
Mixtape? Love songs? Rock?
I have a feeling a lot of marker pens and pen companies made a lot of money out of this and if it was not for marking then using a pen to set the cassette tape right whenever it got tangled or pulled...Do you remember or did you ever do it? Let us know on the comment section below.
Those were the days.

Yes, this was before we would have them printed, well you could buy a cassette from a specific artist and go with it or you could record the song from the radio on an empty cassette, mark it and play it? the struggle was real 😂 but people need that struggle every now and then.

So tell us what pre- '2000s items do you miss or wish to use a little bit more?
Which one do you miss most from this list?


Let us know and see you in the next article