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5 Grooming Products Every Man Needs ASAP

A lot of people are still in a very old mentality that men are fine just as they are and others even squint at the thought of men apply lotion to their skin or using scented soaps well we are here to tell you "throw that old thinking out of here because nobody wants dinosaur in this room"

It is essential for both men and women to care for their skin not just for the looks but for your health. The last thing you need is a cracked skin just because you don't want to put some oil on it.

So here are 5 must-have grooming products that all men need for a better self-care glowing skin.


1. Moisturizer

So what you never want is dry skin, not only does it leave you looking like a crocodile hybrid but it is not so flattering either.
So get a well-trusted lotion like Nivea (baby steps) or oil that works for you. If this is not your thing at all then go all-natural, start with unscented and mild products like vaseline or coconut oil and grow from there.
Remember guys, no matter how hydrated your skin looks, you still need a moisturizer just to give your skin an extra layer to prevent direct contact with dust and unseen nastiness.

2. Shaving Gel

Most of the time both men and women shave with normal soap or just dry, well I am here to tell you... those little bubbles after you shave? yeah, that's why they exist. So get a good shaving cream which will soften your skin and seclude the hair around where you want to shave and shave! especially if it's your beard. No one likes bubbles on chins.

3. Exfoliant/Cleanser

The sun hits us, the dust all over us gets stuck on our skin and on top of that, dead skin cells exist and they cause darkening of your skin and even dry and roughness. Using an exfoliant, by putting a little bit of the cleanser liquid on cotton or white cloth will help remove all the dead cells and bad skin leaving your skin totally smooth.

4. Fragrance

Everybody loves the scent. Find your signature smell, look for something a few people use and define you and who you are. Something as small as your smell can say a lot about you.

5. Face Mask

The reception is very important, right? well, your face is your reception and it needs maintenance and care.
There are lots of masks for different functions, for instance, you have dry skin you can get a day face mask for dry skin so it can refresh your skin.
Gentlemen, take the time to explore your face and notice the little things, maybe you have spots or stubborn pimples that you would like to get rid off and work on them with specific products.

Bonus Tip:

6. Scrub

Personally, I like to exfoliate scrub and cleanse again, but could be done in a different order.
A scrub can help peel off dead skin, that a cleanser alone can not get rid off.
The scrub could also be a body scrub or a specific area scrub like face, hands e.t.c
Build a tendency to scrub once each one or two weeks and you will see how your skin improves in texture and appearance.


The one thing I will tell you is to buy from trusted sources. Try not to buy from online stores unless they are official online stores of the products you want to buy or go to a trusted and licensed beauty product store.
I hope you enjoyed the article, drop a comment for a skin issue or anything.


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