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Most people say, better you than me, but if we look closely we would only see it is the makings of not caring about how others feel.
In my last two articles, I speak about WHY DARKER-SKINNED WOMEN SUFFER THE INFERIORITY COMPLEX and What you should know about DARKER SKINNED WOMEN AND THEIR INSECURITIES little did I know that I would touch so many, so much that most of them started asking how to overcome it. What shook me was when I received a text from a friend saying she didn't even consider herself with a complex until she read my article. So I decided to close an opening, here are some ideas of HOW YOU CAN STOP THE INFERIORITY COMPLEX IF YOU ARE A DARK-SKINNED WOMAN!

1. Meditate and practice self-love

It's an obvious one right? but what you don't know is that meditating is more than just a moment to yourself. You can find a person to confide in, someone that won't be biased to help you with your self-love journey. The internet makes it super easy to meditate, you can find apps and youtube channels about meditating. Let us know if you are already doing it or planning to start.


2. Don’t give importance to unimportant people

Think about it, how many times have you let your guard down and trusted the wrong people and let their opinions affect you? its simple to get sidetracked in their opinions and not listen to your own so ask yourself just this, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being sad and 10 being happy) how do they make you feel about yourself and everything that you do. Do you feel mocked or like they are always honest with you?

3. Know that it is their opinion and not a fact

Sometimes people closest to us give very strong opinions about us, but you cannot let everything get to your head. Yes you are dark, yes there are prettier people than you out there but that doesn't make you ugly. If someone comments on your skin or how something looks on your skin, look into it if it is not a fact then send that straight out the window.

4. Step outside your comfort zone

If you would never wear a bathing suit for swimming because someone told you it doesn't work for you, wear it! you get the point... do the opposite of what you would normally do out of fear.

5. Work on yourself

Work on yourself without hurting yourself, ask yourself what can you add on yourself that would make you better and feel better, it could be an attitude, a behaviour, a language skill, working out etc
Just keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with you but you can make yourself better so you boost your confidence.

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6. Practice the art of not giving a f***

Should we really explain that?
If u don't like it don't do it people always talk, the question is who do u listen to yourself or them?

7. Be friends/ keep around people that make you feel better about yourself 

Birds of the same feathers always fly together and when they don't they can easily lose control and the heart to keep going. Don't be that bird! find your flock and stick with it... meet people, make new friends, if you feel like your friends aren't so friendly any more.


8. Don't Become What You Hate

This is very common when you surround yourself with people that make you feel bad and off about yourself, you start taking it out on others either who are in your very same situation or you pick on those who do not because they trigger you into anger.
Ever seen a short person telling a half an inch shorter person "damn... you are short!" have you ever been that other person? it's always the people that are not okay with how short they are or how tall they are that do this, seeing another person so comfortable in their skin bothers them. Working on self-love is the first step but the last step is also to spread the love.

Let us know if you found this article helpful, would you try out these tips or what other ways would you add to this list.