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Travelling to some of us has always seemed like a dream a little far fetched for us to reach and I mean can you blame us? There is so much to think of like where would you stay and how much you would need to actually enjoy the travel.

But what if we told you there are places in Tanzania you can travel to and spend not more than a 100,000/= Tanzanian shillings?

Well here is a list of places in Tanzania you should visit before the end of 2020 that won’t leave you running away from your landlord.

1.  Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Yes, this is an obvious guess, I mean who wouldn’t want to go to Forodhani’s evening food market? But what if I told you there is more, you have probably been to Nugwi too, the beachside... and what if I told you that you can actually visit some of the fanciest hotels there, spend a whole day and not really spend all that money?
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You can even swim in their pool (but you would probably have to pay for it)
My favourite place is Esqque Zalu, it is like another island on an island. You can buy lunch and drinks and not spend all that much honestly or you can stick with selfies and drinks, what matters is the experience right?

Essque Hotels

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2. Morogoro (park and waterfalls)


True story... when was the last time you saw an elephant up close? Do you know that Mikumi National part is actually very cheap to visit? And isn’t that far away from the capital. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the block mountains and visit the waterfalls like Sanje and Kinole around the mountains.

Kinole Waterfalls

Sanje waterfalls

3. Bagamoyo if you are looking for a more serious visit

Yes I know this is obvious, you would go to Kaole Ruins and the snake park to ride the camel and check out the snakes but there is so much more to do, you can visit the college of arts and you cold actually check their performance calendar and go on a performing day to see real artists perform live.
You can visit different museums like the German and Catholic historic museum and you can even get one of the family cottages with an amazing beach view and enjoy your stay.

4. Bongoyo

In case Zanzibar is a bit of a big budget. You can always opt for Bongoyo, I personally don't think you should because Bongoyo is a small island u can visit with friends and you should but, Zanzibar is a whole other experience. The thing I love about Bongoyo is that you can camp and enjoy a short stay the fancy way.

5. Tanga

A beautiful place to visit, you will have so many places to visit, from Amboni caves to Pangani and the very best, Magoroto forest and more.


6. Mt Kilimanjaro

I know to most of us this is a built-up expense but you would be happy to know you don't actually have to climb up the mountain to have fun. You can get a resort next to the mountain and enjoy your day there.

Tanzania is very beautiful and I can tell you, there are so many places to check out, Iringa, Lake Victoria, Mbeya and many more. You don't have to fly across countries to have your dream vacation. Start small, start home.