8 Most Worn Colours On Valentine's Day and What They Mean

February 12, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Valentine's day is the most romantic time of the year, lovers plan ahead to make it special, give each other little gifts and special dates.
We all want to feel an look special so we go all out and look for what we can wear to make the day even special. What we don't know is that some of the colours may actually mean something completely different or the opposite of what we want to showcase and some may even give a whole different meaning.

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Here are the most worn colours on Valentine's days and what they mean:

1. Red

A lot of people go with red but a few get what it means. Wearing red on Valentine's day is a way of saying cupid got you good! You are in love! I don't think it necessarily has to be for an intimate partner, it could be to a parent, family member or even yourself... why not right?

2. Orange

Some people pick orange because it appears somewhat closer to red, okay guys! let's all agree that orange is not red even though it is born out of the red.
The true meaning of wearing orange on this love day is you are headed to make a proposal... You want to make things official and you want to put the final seal.

3. Pink

She/ He said yes to get to know you, maybe on a date, or even a marriage proposal...! 

4. Blue

You are a searching soul and you are welcoming proposals, you are looking for a new love.

5. Black

It was a no, you just got rejected... if you have a date you might want to reconsider that monochrome out black outfit.

6. White

 Vice versa is true! You are engaged and off the market. Anhaa... you want to so the people you are officially off the market, he/she put a ring on it.

7. Brown

You are a broken heart... Although I doubt you will be making a statement to yourself, in case you do... you now know the colour.

8. Yellow

You just had a breakup, cheer up though, it's not fatal! you have you and that is all the love you need.

Happy Valentines Day 2020, wear the right colour this year!