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Glamour: Bella Hadid

Monochromes, in my opinion, is a way to say "I don't play that game" you can tell someone is serious about fashion just by having this look put together. So what is a monochrome look?

We've seen someone dress in the same colour or tone from head to toes? or shoulders to toes? that's monochrome.
Truth is it looks very easy I mean how hard can it get, just mash up the same colour and put them on? what I can say is that whoever said don't judge a book by its cover was not wrong and here is why:

To pull off a perfect monochrome, you need more than just the same shades, if you do wear same colours from head to toes you could also end up looking a bit stretched so here are the things you need to pull off a great monochrome.

1. Get the same colours in slightly different shades

If you had to do wear a blue shirt get a shade darker or lighter of the blazer or the pants instead of throwing the same 


2. Wear A Color That Pops

If you want to stick with the same shade, then you want to make sure you stick with a colour that shines and pop.

3. Mix Plains With Patterns

Play with patterns, use the patterns to reflect the colours in your colour swatch.

4. Play With Neutrals

The easiest colours to play with are always neutrals, black and white being the very best and top of the list. The best part is that it's easy and fast to pull off.

5. Mix Up

The one final twist is to monochrome is to give a touch of a different colour.