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5 Tips To Start Building A NEW YEAR 2020 RESOLUTIONS NEW YEAR NEW ME You Always Wanted

Lauren Marie Fleming

Every start of the year we all stop to think and reflect on the years past and one thing is always constant! the phrase "new year, new me", truth is a very few of us can actually keep to the promises we make every beginning of the year.

Rumour has it......., just kidding, I figured it's not that we are that horrible at following up on our own promises rather, it's because we never really make a serious work plan about how to achieve our #newyeargoals

The big question is, how can you make the work plan? well... first things first, for sure we all need to identify what are the resolutions we so brag about. That being said, I made up a list of universal yearly resolutions and a few reasons why they should be your go-to change of the year.

1. Letting Go of The "New Year, New Me" Notion

Yes! you heard me right, I know you are thinking but isn't that the whole point of this article? well... yes and no!
This is why you need to let it go:
Keeping up with this notion only keeps you pressured, we all want results but when the time starts ticking towards mid and the end of the year, we let loose because well... there is still another new year coming up! what you need to register in your mind is that you will always be you, a start of a year is just to celebrate the time you have walked the earth but your time and life won't wait for each new year to bring you resolutions so, DROP IT! accept that the list you made is for your self-improvements and carry that list along crossing out your list one by one all year long, this will take off the pressure of "oh God, the year is almost over and I haven't finished my list"

2. Let Go of All Toxic Contents In Your Life

The reason why this should be at the top of your list is that you can't really fly if you have stones tied to your ankles so really reflect, it could be people, items or even behaviours. So little things like gossiping and overusing your phones can really take a big part of your time.

3. Travel

Okay, so I put this at the top of my list because I think it is very therapeutic, give yourself room to breathe! Everyone needs to lay back every now and then and really reflect so there, make it your mission to travel every year, not only will you unwind but you will learn a lot and get more inspiration, besides, a change of scenery never hurt anybody.

4. Pick Up A New Hobby

Create a hobby out of picking a hobby, make a behaviour of doing better for yourself, it could be anything, it could be a sport, it could be yoga, learning a new language or reading a book whatever it is, make sure it helps you learn, grow and make a better you

5. Improve Your Health

Eat, sleep, exercise and repeat. Get in the best shape you want, don't sit around waiting for that great health to come to you, make this a priority, create a timetable for each day of the week every beginning or end of the week for the coming week and work on it.
You will see in time a lot of other things will start to clear out for you, you will not find it hard to meet new people and learn new things, to step out of your comfort zone and your confidence will definitely boost up and with that happening there will be no stopping you to go after what you want.


With all that being put together, you can achieve anything on your actual list ... give it a try and let us know how it all works out for you...

Stacy 💕

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