The Pantone 2020 Colour Of The Year

January 08, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Amen to the colour of the year!
I know I sound happy right? Let me slow it down for you...

Every year, Pantone throws us a colour trend to drive us stylists and fashionistas to the store to play
match up and 2020’s colour of the year does exactly that...!!

Unlike some of the other colours from some previous years that had some of us wondering “so what shade
of what colour is that?” this year is a classic "everyone knows it" colour and we are very happy.
While others call it the “dusk sky blue” Pantone refers to it as  "Classic Blue" and although it is only the 8th
day of 2020 we can see different fashion and lifestyle addicts already setting up the trend for how to wear,
style and use the colour throughout the year.

Teen Vogue

Lamour Artisans

(Rihanna) Pop sugar 
The reason why we are so happy here at the style department is that "it's blue" everyone knows how blue looks like so it won't be so challenging to have a little "something blue" added to your closet or lifestyle.
Let us know how you will be incorporating the 2020's colour of the year.
Do you think it's just another colour or do you think this is your opportunity to be colourful and stylish?