Five Tips To Survive To The End Of The Month With What You Earn

August 19, 2019 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Pay day is almost here and if we are lucky enough we don't have to pay anyone back. So if this is you and you don't have any loans to return, congratulations, it means you managed to sustain with what you have or at least resist the temptation of a sweet loan.

But as the end of the month draws closer, the bills and self present promises keep clicking in our minds and that is when you start going broke before you receive your pay.

To be honest, not everyone receives a good pay, at least not good enough to sustain a good living so the first most important point is To look for something better. 
Sure you receive 200k per month, it is really nothing and maybe you don't have enough knowledge and skills to score you a better pay. Try searching for a part time job that won't require too much from you, maybe it will need you to go in on the weekends or do small tasks but the pay has to be more or less the same as what you receive. Start a side hustle, you can sell things to your colligues and so much more. Look into yourself and try to see what more you can do.

If you are receiving a stable salary then here is how you can spoil yourself and still survive the month.

1. Make a list of all important bills to pay

It may be boring to some, especially if it is the important boring things to note down but this is what will help you balance out your pay.
Put down all the bills that you know you can't live without like water, power, rent. Calculate how much you use per month for instance if you use 10,000 worth of power calculate it by 4, the number of the weeks, so it would be 40,000/= per month and add an extra 5,000/= just so you don't have to worry if the power will shut down if you don't turn off the fridge or if you fall asleep with the Tv on.

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2. Pay it all together

Most of the time, we sweet talk ourselves by saying i will pay part of the bill and finish it later. If you have all the money, pay it all at once. Don't tempt yourself into that sweet blazer that would cost you 40,000/= and pay 5,000/= for the power and believe you will get money in the week to come and you will recharge. Anything can happen to that planned money. So long as you don't have it yet, don't plan for it, especially if it is not bound and it's coming from just a person. Keep in mind that even salaries aren't 100% assured of, don't make promises to yourself or to others over coming up money.


3. Be Selfish

We all have that one friend or cousin that needs help, or an extra push. Here is the thing. THINK YOU FIRST! measure how important this case of a friend is, they need that extra paper to go out partying? or get that wig? and they promise to pay you back on their next pay or the money they expect to get next week? that's a big no! Refer to point 2.


4. Spoil Yourself

It's okay to give yourself a pat on the shoulder for pushing yourself and daring to live another day in this big crazy world. So do it! put out a budget for you! call it "spoiling me fund" get yourself what you want, if its food, a magazine subscription, a new outfit but whatever happens, use it wisely and only use it. Don't top up with other money that wasn't in the plan even if it was given to you and you didn't put much work into it. Remember, it is still work if you had to beg or ask your parents or partner to give you.

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5. Save Up

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Everyone has a saving up story, believe it or not! most of them end up with the phrase "it's impossible to save with what i get" or "the economy is too hard to save in" truth is, you are thinking too big, try to think different. Try saving coins instead or saving 100's instead. The more you get used to it the more you will top up.
Try to give your savings a name, most of us fail to save because we don't have a purpose of saving, you can't save till forever. Call it "My Trip To Zanzibar Savings" you can even get customized piggy banks with such words written around it to motivate you. So give your savings a name, it could be anything "My First Car Savings" "My plot savings" whatever happens, make it fun, don't make it a punishment. There are many apps out there, try to look for one that can help you with this and make it fun.