Denim Vintage

September 25, 2017 Being Anastazia 5 Comments

For this shoot, i and the team decided to stick to the demim shirt and make it a top dress... improvising is very important for a shoot, anywho... Once again we paired the denim with the round white hat and local cultural Jewerly... and i do not remember the name of the designer nor the shop i just know the shop is at Slipway. ..
I swear pictures from this shoot were my favorite, there are so many i couldn't post them all at once however appreciations go to..
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Photographer :@hoogamasele #emblematicphotography 
MUA: +Firdaus Mbogho @fifilove_24
Stylist : @ms__nicca, @ms__crafty
Model : @stacyphillipo


  1. Actually I'm impressed and motivated at the same time.....and the way i know your personality...this is jct a beginning keep going there's a lot to see abt yuh.....#StrongStacy

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  3. i knew this one was gonna be lit
    inlove with ur sense of style.....✊FabulousStacy